Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filters are one of the most overlooked services on vehicles, yet they are necessary for our protection. Cabin air filter first came into existence to help keep debris from clogging evaporators (provide the cooling for passenger compartment air conditioning) and heater cores (provide the heat in the passenger compartment). Then it was discovered …Read more

Spring Checkup List For Your Vehicle

Spring is a great time to have your vehicle checked, before the hustle bustle of summer. You have more important thing to deal with like going on vacation. Here is Autobahn’s Spring checkup list for your vehicles: 1]  Bring your vehicles to the car wash and have the under carriage washed to remove road salt …Read more

Transmission Repair in 10598

When it comes to transmission repair in 10598, who better to turn to than the expert technicians at Autobahn. We cover numerous car services, but our specialty is transmission repair. We provide the best service possible to get our customer’s vehicles back on the road and performing the way they need it to. Satisfaction guaranteed …Read more

NY State Car Inspection at 10598

Tired of the tedious process of getting a NY State car inspection? Autobahn at 10598 can put an end to that painful wait. We offer all the services necessary for a proper inspection all in one convenient location, with the best quality service in the area. Several different steps and requirements go into a standard …Read more

Flat Tire Repair, Yorktown Heights

Flat Tire Repair If you have a flat tire you know how distressing and upsetting this can be. You want to get your flat tire repaired and patched correctly and the right way, and the flat tire repair experts at Autobahn in Yorktown Heights make sure you will be on your way and safe. We will put …Read more

Professional Oil Change in Yorktown Heights, NY

Most people get an oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY for their car because it seems like it’s time or because it looks low or dirty. But that’s not a very solid system for a crucial part of vehicle maintenance. At Autobahn in Yorktown Heights, NY we provide full service oil changes, and set up a mileage interval …Read more

Car Inspection Services in Yorktown Heights, NY

Car Inspection Services in Yorktown Heights Celebrating over 30 years of Automobile service, Autobahn is the place to go in Yorktown Heights, NY for car inspection services, as well as auto repair. Getting your car inspected is an annual task needed for your vehicle. At Autobahn, we make sure your car passes safety and emissions …Read more

Transmission Repair in Yorktown Heights, NY

Transmission Repair in Yorktown Heights Need transmission repair done to your vehicle in Yorktown Heights, NY? There’s only one choice and that’s Autobahn for all of your transmission and auto repair needs! There can be many things that could attribute to your car’s transmission not working to its full potential. At Autobahn, we will inspect …Read more