Spring Checkup List For Your Vehicle

Spring is a great time to have your vehicle checked, before the hustle bustle of summer. You have more important thing to deal with like going on vacation. Here is Autobahn’s Spring checkup list for your vehicles:

1]  Bring your vehicles to the car wash and have the under carriage washed to remove road salt

2]  Clean windows on the inside with a good glass cleaner

3]  Time to catch up on any maintenance or repairs you put off

4]  Inspect fluids, test, and replace if due

5]  Check belts, hoses, tensioners, fan clutch, fan and coolant pH

6]  Test AC system operation and performance

7]  Service air filter and (most of all) cabin filter

8]  For over 100k vehicles, have in tank fuel filter changed.

9]  Get horn & lights checked and replace bad horns and bulbs

10] Replace streaking wiper blades and top off washer fluid

11] Inspect tires, set air pressure, check spare tire too

12] Check alignment

13] Do not ignore any warning lights

14] Any irregularities in vehicle running; such as starting, rough idle, stalling, handling have that look into

15] Check that inspection and registration stickers are up to date


Don’t be that vehicle on the side of the road because you ignored Autobahn’s Spring Checkup list.

The preparation now will improve and help ensure a smooth, comfortable and safe time during spring and summer travels!