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Transmission Fluid & Repair in Yorktown Heights NY

Automatic Transmission Fluid is the essence of the transmission. This fluid is called upon to do amazing things in the two temperature extremes, quickly and precisely.

How does this break down? Automatic Transmissions run at an ideal temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Automatic Transmission fluid has to provide lubrication for all moving parts, has to condition seals and be a conductor of heat to provide cooling for the transmission. So with all these conditions it is no wonder that without maintenance, failure is inevitable. According to the manufacture’s service manual, transmission fluid is expected to last 60,000 to 100,000 miles. But in this case, the manufactures have the wisdom to include an inspection check every 30,000 miles. Theoretically, transmission fluid should hold out in moderate driving conditions. With that said it also means that the fluid will not exceed 175 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain this temperature is nearly impossible. Our engines are designed to run at 185 degrees to 220 degrees on average. The transmission fluid is pumped through a small coil located inside one of the radiator side tanks for cooling. This radiator cools the engine. The coolant in the engine operates at 185 to 220 degrees in ideal conditions. The problem is that normal driving conditions are not ideal. They include stop and go traffic, with the air conditioning on, we drive up steep inclines, we tow small trailers on weekend and or we take vacations with over-loaded vehicles. This increases the demand on the transmission. Not servicing the cooling system on a regular basis is a fast way to bring up the transmission fluid temperature. The transmission cooling system is designed to be sufficient enough in ideal conditions. We are not ideal in our driving habits or conditions. So when your fluid begins to tan it’s time to service. When the fluid browns, friction wear and seal drying has occurred and the life of your fluid has probably been at least cut in half. Your overdue for a full system fluid exchange.