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Oil Change in Yorktown Heights NY

The most widely accepted service, but also the most misunderstood service. Many people think the oil should be changed either because “it’s time,” “it’s low,” or “it’s dirty.”

There is a different criteria for knowing when to change the oil. It’s determined by driving conditions, that is how the vehicle is driven. Auto manufacturers take severe driving conditions into account when planning their recommendations. Severe driving conditions are frequent stopping and going, (as in city or urban driving,) short trips (as in running errands around town,) towing (as in pulling a trailer or loading the vehicle with heavy items,) or weather extremes (such as a hot summer or freezing winter) If you use your vehicle in any of the severe driving conditions listed above, then auto manufacturers will recommend more frequent intervals than the average 3,000 mile recommended the change oil intervals. Don’t forget to change the filter each time as well, as filters are also negatively affected by severe driving because the filter gets dirtier quicker with those conditions, along with more condensation and contaminates will be present. To stay on the safe side, changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles with conventional oil and every 6,000 miles with full synthetic oil, is usually recommended by auto manufacturers.

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