Intake Cleaning & De-carbonize

This is our customers’ and our favorite service! Our favorite because this service pays for itself over a period of time. The pay back is better fuel economy and performance saving you money. How does this save money? When the engine is shut off there are still vapors in the intake manifold as well as …Read more

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Fluid is a hydroscopic fluid, this means it absorbs moisture. The brake fluid is pumped into brake lines, hoses, abs pumps, calipers and wheel cylinders to stop our vehicles. When it is brutally cold outside, we still expect our vehicle to stop when called upon and then release the brakes when pedal is released. …Read more

Power Steering Flush

Power Steering Flush and Car Maintenance in Yorktown Heights NY This is one of the most over-looked services, which could lead to costly repairs. This service is often over often over-looked because the technicians tend to treat this as a “check it out” item instead of a “possible service” item. How does this break down? …Read more

Oil Change

Oil Change in Yorktown Heights NY The most widely accepted service, but also the most misunderstood service. Many people think the oil should be changed either because “it’s time,” “it’s low,” or “it’s dirty.” There is a different criteria for knowing when to change the oil. It’s determined by driving conditions, that is how the …Read more


Transmission Fluid & Repair in Yorktown Heights NY Automatic Transmission Fluid is the essence of the transmission. This fluid is called upon to do amazing things in the two temperature extremes, quickly and precisely. How does this break down? Automatic Transmissions run at an ideal temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Automatic Transmission fluid has to …Read more