Professional Oil Change in Yorktown Heights, NY

oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY

Most people get an oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY for their car because it seems like it’s time or because it looks low or dirty. But that’s not a very solid system for a crucial part of vehicle maintenance.

At Autobahn in Yorktown Heights, NY we provide full service oil changes, and set up a mileage interval that is specific to your car, not just the generic “every 3,000 miles” suggestion.

An oil change diagnosis like this, when done properly at Autobahn, involves checking specific criteria to see if you drive in what we consider severe driving conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

• frequent stopping and going, which many urban or city drivers experience
• short trips, like running errands around town
• towing, as in pulling a trailer or loading your vehicle down with heavy items
• weather extremes, like hot pavement or frozen roads

Synthetic Oil

Different kinds of driving require different things from an engine’s motor oil. Autobahn technicians know their customers and their cars. They know that cars and drivers who spend most of their time racking up the highway miles have different needs than cars and drivers who stop-and-go around town every day.

Autobahn can recommend to their customers an oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY with synthetic motor oil for high heat driving conditions or may recommend an oil change with traditional motor oil for less demanding drivers. Customers rely on Autobahn’s familiar faces and experienced technicians, which is why they become customers for life.

If you drive your vehicle in any of these conditions, you might need to get your oil changed more often than the 3,000-mile marker. Bring your car into Autobahn so that our experienced team of professionals can give you a proper oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY and an appropriate interval suggestion specific to your vehicle.

Suppose I need more than just an oil change?

Autobahn technicians are full-service automobile professionals. Autobahn can diagnose and correct a variety of automobile issues:

• Air Conditioning
• Battery Service
• Bearings & Bushings
• Belts & Hoses
• Brake Systems
• Charging & Starting
• Computer Diagnostics
• Cooling & Heating Systems
• Drive Train Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Engine Repairs
• Engine Tune Up
• Factory Service
• Fuel Injection
• Gaskets & Seals
• NY State Inspection
• Oil Changes
• Struts & Shocks
• Tire Sales & Repair
• Transmissions
• Warning Lights
• Wheel Alignments

Autobahn is local, fast, convenient, and knowledgeable of their customers and their cars. If you want to schedule an oil change in Yorktown Heights, NY, give us a call at (914) 962-7170.