Dear Ron,

I drive around day after day, trying to figure out how I can put into words all I think and feel.

You did it! It’s absolutely fantastic! The car is running amazingly — smooth in acceleration, shifting, starting. This is better than it has been in more than three years!

Thank you so much for all you have done to get the car working so wonderfully again!

Yet, this is only part of what I think as I look back over all the years you have been there. I realize you are one of the few people in life I really trust. You have always been so caring. I remember working on the car a little in the old place. You just let me join in and I loved it. I remember you fixing the window on the old Rabbit, when I just couldn’t spend the money. That was an incredible gift. You have always cared about my family, and me.

Finding someone like you in a lifetime is rare. I am really moved to tears thinking of how generous and kind you have always been.

Thank you for all these years, all your caring and genuine interest, all our special conversations. Thank you for always listening to my concerns, reassuring me about all my doubts and worries, and always making sure I was safe in my car.

In the end there are really no words to say how grateful I am…

You are such a special person.

Thank you for all you do…

With a lifetime of thanks and gratitude.