Flooding inside vehicle? Learn how to avoid a costly repair

Flooding inside vehicle can occur in any vehicle. Yes it can happen to you! Flooding inside vehicle is a common occurrence. Avoid a costly repair with some simple steps. Unexplained flooding in your vehicle is a common problem. If it is gradual, you may not notice it for quite some time, which will cause expensive damage. A …Read more

Serpentine Belts, Don’t Let This Maintance Item Fail You

Vehicles manufactured today use a serpentine belt. The name is because the way belt snakes around the pulleys in the engine compartment. Serpentine belts are multi grooved belts. Most are kept automatically adjusted with a spring style tensioning device, with a pulley running against the belt. Serpentine belts have gone through some changes; these new …Read more

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filters are one of the most overlooked services on vehicles, yet they are necessary for our protection. Cabin air filter first came into existence to help keep debris from clogging evaporators (provide the cooling for passenger compartment air conditioning) and heater cores (provide the heat in the passenger compartment). Then it was discovered …Read more

Spring Checkup List For Your Vehicle

Spring is a great time to have your vehicle checked, before the hustle bustle of summer. You have more important thing to deal with like going on vacation. Here is Autobahn’s Spring checkup list for your vehicles: 1]  Bring your vehicles to the car wash and have the under carriage washed to remove road salt …Read more

Oil Change Yorktown Heights NY

The business of a quick oil change is a competitive one in and around Yorktown Heights. A quick-and-easy oil change helps us drivers keep our cars of smooth metal in fine fettle. A consistent schedule for an oil change with Autobahn Auto Repair is the best insurance you can buy to keep your car’s engine …Read more