Car Air Conditioner Repair Yorktown Heights

Why has my car’s AC quit on me?

It would be typical, for me, anyway, to have my car’s air conditioning system quit working during the middle of summer when the days are hottest, right? Sitting in traffic on a hot highway with no AC is the definition of a nightmare for me and a lot of other drivers out there in Yorktown Heights and surrounding areas.

Diagnosing a problem with an automobile air conditioner system may be an involved and complicated process, but the effects of a system failure is definitely identifiable. The air being pushed through the dashboard vents is not cold. It may not even be tepid. It may be just as hot as the outside air. This may not be a repair that you as the car owner would want to take on; you just want your cold air back. We get it at Autobahn Auto Repair Specialists.

What’s the problem?

You may be able to give your auto repair specialist some valuable information that will help them identify the issue and take steps to correct it. If you’ve been experiencing:

Cool, but not cold, air is coming through the vents

This can happen even when the controls are set for maximum cold. As a simple inspection, you as the driver can look to see if the air conditioner condenser is being blocked by leaf debris that is preventing it from exchanging heat properly. You cabin air filter may be clogged shut and need to be replaced, or the cooling fan associated with the condenser or radiator may not be running. If you notice any of these symptoms, share this with your repair technician. Your Autobahn mechanic can also perform a manifold gauge test to verify the pressures the system needs to operate under to perform effectively.

System refrigerant is being lost

Occurs because of a leak in the system that bleeds refrigerant while the system is under pressure from the condenser. A leak can appear anywhere in the system from valves to hose connections to a faulty condenser. An Autobahn technician can perform an inspection using a leak detection kit to pinpoint where your car’s AC system is losing refrigerant and repair the leak. Typically, an ultraviolet tint is added to a chemical that circulates through the cooling system and an ultraviolet light is used to spot the leak.

The condenser doesn’t work

The condensor should be hard at work making cold air. When the engine is running and the AC is set to max cool, the clutch on the condenser should engage. In diagnosing a problem with your car’s air conditioning system, the first place to start is the easiest to address; the system’s compressor. An Autobahn mechanic may use a voltmeter to detect if there is power to the part. The lack of power to the condenser may indicate a bad fuse or cycling switch (which would save you money not having to buy a new condenser).

If you’ve been living with warm air coming from your car’s AC system, your repair may be a simple one or it may be more complex. The auto repair specialists at Autobahn have made customer satisfaction a priority since 1984. Don’t let them see you sweat while you’re on the road; trust Autobahn to keep you cruising cool this summer.