Car Air Conditioner Repair Cortlandt Manor NY

What is the difference between a compressor and a condenser?

Our automobile’s air conditioning system (A/C) rarely gets a thought from us until a hot day hits Cortlandt Manor or surrounding areas, the MAX A/C button is pushed and no cold air comes out and you feel only the hot breath of the engine. It’s an oft-told tale to automobile air conditioning repair experts like the team at Autobahn Foreign and Domestic Auto Care at the Roma BuildingĀ on the corner of Routes 202 & 35 in Yorktown Heights, NY. Your car’s A/C is no mystery to them, and Autobahn can keep your car’s air conditioning ready and able to tackle the next heatwave.

Know the system.

A refrigeration system like an air conditioner exchanges heat from the interior of the space to the exterior air. The system circulates a coolant gas through a compressor, similar to how a pump pressurizes and moves a liquid. Compressing a gas causes it to heat up, and once the coolant gas has reached a specific temperature and pressure, this compressed gas is then circulated through a condenser. The condenser exposes the hot coolant to air flowing across the condenser’s coils (usually located near the car’s radiator). These condenser coils release heat into the atmosphere, cooling the gas, and causing it to form a liquid through condensation.
The coolant, now condensed and pressurized, is circulated through a thermal expansion valve (TX valve) that relieves the pressure almost instantly. This sudden expansion cools the refrigerant radically. The now-cooled refrigerant is circulated through another coil, the evaporator coil in the passenger cabin. The evaporator exchanges the cold air in the coil with the warm air in the automobile and carries out to repeat the cycle.

Feel the chill.

Nowadays, we’d be surprised to get into a new car that didn’t have air conditioning as standard equipment. So when it’s time to crank up the A/C, or if you can’t crank up your car’s air conditioner beyond room temperature, have the system serviced by the pros at Autobahn. From simple maintenance to major repairs, Autobahn specializes in the care and maintenance of all makes and models of cars. Autobahn’s thirty-two years of experience guarantees you quality, convenience, and a difference that you will know when you become a customer!

Autobahn knows you and your car.

Automobile air conditioning has come a long way from the first days of Packard’s first optional A/C units, which took up the space of half the trunk. Those of us who remember a day when air conditioning in cars was not a standard feature on most models know that it was often a luxurious treat that you sprung for when buying a new car. Most folks back then who didn’t opt for air conditioning in their cars were satisfied with open windows (which typically were crank operated) and the cool breeze from the open road. But automobile air conditioning is now a given for any car built within the past 10 years. Keep your car’s A/C ready to run with regular service from Autobahn.

Is your car’s air conditioner working as it should?