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How to keep your car cruising through summer

Your car’s engine generates a lot of heat as it runs. Add to that the heat coming off the road when sitting in traffic around Cortlandt Manor or rolling down the interstates of New York State, and you’ve got conditions that can degrade your engine oil, tax your engine coolant, and clog your fuel intake. These effects build up over time and can cause your car’s engine to experience all sorts of generalized symptoms that can compromise its performance.

What’s the problem?

Oil: The durability of your engine oil (its viscosity) is greatly determined by the type of use your engine typically experiences. Stop-and-go driving around town can cause more wear and tear on an engine’s components than can steady highway driving over time. Towing a trailer, hauling cargo, and driving off road also affect the usable life of your engine’s oil. Long, hot summers and cold, wet winters take their toll as well. The kindest stroke you can give your automobile’s engine is to treat it to a regular schedule of oil and filter changes. Your car’s owner’s manual will specify the intervals for oil and filter changes (expressed in the number of miles driven). Talk to your mechanic about your driving needs and habits and let them advise you on the best schedule of oil and filter changes for your car.

Fuel: Not so much the fuel itself, but the deposits that are left on fuel intake surfaces like injectors, valves, and combustion chambers after the fuel burns can compromise your engine’s performance. Carbon deposits are a by-product of the fuel combustion process, and this carbon can coat vital engine parts with sludge that will solidify or get gummy if not treated. A dirty fuel system can restrict the flow of fuel and air into the combustion chambers causing them to burn inefficiently. Dirty injectors can cause ignition problems like engine knock and pre-ignition firing.

Fluids: many systems of automobiles today are hydraulic, meaning that they use a liquid (often under pressure), to activate a function like steering or braking. Your car uses a pump to pressurize the liquid in the system. Like engine oil, these system fluids are usually petroleum based, and as such they are prone to degradation over time. Checking these liquids is often nothing more than a quick check of the dipstick, but there is maintenance required too, like changing these fluids at regular intervals, just like your engine oil.

    • Power steering fluid keeps the steering wheel turning smoothly and without much effort. If you’re experiencing vibrations or unusual noises when turning the steering wheel, have your mechanic inspect your system and its fluid.


  • Brake fluid works much like power steering fluid in that the liquid, under pressure, activates a function of the car when we operate a switch like the brake pedal. Brake fluid makes using your car’s brakes easy and effective. If you’re experiencing vibrations or unusual noises when using your car’s brakes, have the system inspected by a professional mechanic.

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